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Drivetech wins the 2022 RoboWorld Award for autonomous driving robot FAEV for logistics

Drivetech won the 2022 Robo World Award (Product of the Year) for its FAEV, an autonomous electric vehicle robot for logistics, and was invited and exhibited at a special pavilion. 

Drivetech, which develops core driving parts and driving systems for eco-friendly logistics robots, was invited to the 'Promising Robot IR Special Pavilion' to demonstrate the products of promising robot companies and support IR pitching. In addition, it was recognized for its excellent technology and was awarded the 2022 Robo World Award. 

Drivetech unveils autonomous driving robot 'FAEV-R' at KES 2022... “Realization of outdoor driving and collaborative transportation with people!”

Drivetech Co., Ltd. (CEO Yoon-Yong Choi) participated in 'KES 2022 (53rd Korea Electronics Show)' held at COEX, Seoul from October 4th (Tue) to 7th (Fri).


In this exhibition, it introduced the new autonomous robot 'FAEV-R'. Drivetech said, “FAEV-R improves the inefficiency of manufacturing and logistics sites due to the limitations of existing fixed robots and AGV robots’ workspace and lack of collaboration with people, and provides non-face-to-face and eco-friendly, smart work sites, carbon neutral, A robot that realizes industrial accident reduction”

Received a commendation for technology protection at the Small and Medium Business Technology Innovation Competition

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups is holding the 'Small and Medium Business Technology Innovation Exhibition' every year to encourage those who have contributed to technological innovation, such as small and medium-sized enterprises, research (collaboration) institutions, and technical personnel who lead innovative growth, and to strengthen their will for technological innovation.

Looking at the winners in the technology protection category, △CEO Yoon-yong Choi of Drivetech received the presidential commendation, and △Kang Geun-won, CEO of Naechin Bath, received the Prime Minister Citation.

The future of eco-friendly mobility met at 'EV Expo'

'Drivetech', which was established in 2016, is concentrating on producing 'EV mini trucks' used in rural areas and logistics factories. It is explained that it is mainly focusing on the development of EV powertrains.

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